The Beginnings of the Nursery

While we were away in Europe for vacation/babymoon/Ben’s businesses trip back in May, my dad did some construction stuff on the baby room to make it nicer and more user friendly. The room was definitely in need of some love.

Here’s a photo I took from last year, the good old days of black trim… I wasn’t a huge fan of it at all. Sorry for the weird coloring in this photo, I’m not sure what happened.

Guest Room

As for the work my dad did, he fixed the ceiling as it was missing drywall along the center of it. It’s much cleaner looking now. He also finished the closet with drywall and made it deeper, put in a new window (the old one had problems) and installed new trim around the window and doors (bye-bye black trim).

He also worked on the electrical for us too. We had a fan and light fixture up there before and the only way to turn the light on was to walk into the middle of the room and pull the cord on the fan (which can be quiet hazards if it was completely dark). My dad fixed it so that the wall switch by the door worked for the ceiling light instead of the outlet on the wall (much more practical). Let just say it will be nice to turn on the light at the door way without worrying about finding our way to the center of the room in the dark with a baby in our arms. He ended up having to put in two ceiling lights because the current wire was just too short to center a single light without rewiring the entire thing from the basement (a lot of extra work).

After my dad finished that, it was up to Ben and myself to do all the finishing touches. I was a little lack luster in taking photos this summer so I don’t have any of the actual progress.

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