You know when you are reading a really good book, and it just keeps getting better and more exciting. You are hoping it will resolve at the end, but begin to realize it isn’t going to by the time you get to the last page. Suddenly, you find that you feel lost and confused, because the next book in the series hasn’t been released yet… now comes the long wait until the author finishes writing the next book.

Well, I know my blog isn’t quite that exciting, but I do feel bad that I haven’t updated it in a really long time. I’m going to blame it on, let’s see… the kitchen project, followed by the holidays, and a desire to update the blog to a self-hosted site (talk about a learning curve). Oh and getting pregnant!


Yes, baby Davis is going to be joining our little family this coming September!!! Let’s just say he/she rewrote my priorities for the last 4 months… I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant for 4 months already. We took this photo 2 weeks after Christmas, right before we took our Christmas tree down (side note: I loved our tree this year, so even though it is April, I might write a few very late Christmas posts.)

We did announce our pregnancy on facebook a few weeks ago with this photo. I just think Ellie looks so stickin’ cute here. She is going to be a proud big sister!


Here’s another cute photo of Baby booties and Ellie tootsies!


Anyway, there is the short explanation of why the blog went “dark” for several months. Now that spring is here and, fingers crossed,  I am getting a little energy back (what happened to the 2nd trimester bliss, everyone talks about; I think it skipped me), I’m hoping to get back into the whole blogging thing again. But I’m making no promises this time though…

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