Farmhouse Tour Before Renovations

If you are curious what our farmhouse looked like when we first moved in, come and take a tour before we did any renovations.

Stuck in the seventies, our little ranch farmhouse was/is in desperate need of some updating. Dark heavy curtains and plastic roller shades enrobed every window. Dark wood paneling hung on many walls. Carpets, carpets everywhere! Except the bathroom thankfully. The kitchen was not so fortunate. Why would anyone put carpets in the kitchen? I’ve wondered that too and have yet to come up with a good reason.

This House of Dreams - Farmhouse Ranch - Farm Living, Homemaking and Motherhood - Farmhouse Tour Before Renovations: brick ranch house with black shutters and a white door

However, there are many wonderful features of our little farmhouse. For one it is very solidly built. It has good bones. After looking at many farms and farmhouses over the several years we looked, we really appreciate the sturdiness of this house.

And although it is lacking in many charming features that old farmhouses offer, it is kind of like a blank slate ready to be written on. And oh, I have so many ideas! But they all take time and money both of which we are lacking in right now.

Thankfully paint is cheap and that definitely goes a long way to making a place feel fresh and clean and like home.

Farmhouse Video Tour Before Renovations

The Living Room

farmhouse tour before renovations dark wood paneling living room

We have lots of plans for the living room. Shhh…we’ve already done some work to the living room. Stay tuned for an update soon. Plans for the living room include the painting the paneling, ceiling and trim, new curtains/blinds, eventually hardwood floors and new furniture.

Here’s a picture of the living room with its old heavy curtain from before we purchased the farmhouse. Removing them was one of the first things we did. It definitely improved the overall feel of the house. We do have plans to get new blinds and curtains but I’m kind of stuck on what I want still…

tour the farmhouse before renovations paneling everywhere

Here’s after we moved in and removed the curtain and plopped down our own furniture.

farmhouse tour dark wood paneling before renovations

I have a couple ideas for the fireplace which involve painting the brick or perhaps lightening the grout between the bricks or maybe even cover over the bricks. At some point we either want to get a fireplace insert or a wood burning stove to help heat the house in the winter.

brick fire place 70's style before renovations dated farmhouse tour

We decided to make the front room (used to be a formal living room) into a dining room by opening up the wall between it and the kitchen. This former dining area has turned into a kids play nook for now. I plan to share it soon so stay tuned! Way in the future, I’d love to rearrange the kitchen and maybe put in some french doors leading to an outdoor patio eating area. But that’s way down the road.

dining room off kitchen before renovations farmhouse tour

The Kitchen

dark kitchen wood cabinets farmhouse tour before renovations

We had to replace the stove right away because it didn’t work and within a few months of moving in the dishwasher broke too. We went for a few months without a dishwasher, I kind of wanted to see what it would be like to not have one. Let’s just say Ben and I spent way too much time washing dishes. Maybe we have too many dishes but eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore and we purchased a new one.

Like with the rest of the house, we plan to paint the kitchen but I do dream of a kitchen remodel some day…in the future… That’s probably what I miss most about our little bungalow, that beautiful bright kitchen!

The Dining Room

yellow shag carpet before renovations farmhouse tour

I kind of just want to skip this picture and room for obvious reasons… but it actually doesn’t look like this anymore so I can breath a sigh of relief. We opened up the wall between this room and the kitchen and ripped out the carpets and painted everything. We now use this room as a dining room. It’s a big room! But we have a decent sized table so it doesn’t feel too cavernous. I’d love to put built-ins around the piano some day. I’m sure as time goes on the room too will change.

The Front Hall

farmhouse tour of front hallway before renovations

We almost never use the front door. Our driveway comes around the back of the house, plus being so far back from the road, most people will drive up to the back door whether it’s visiting family or friends or the delivery man. So right now the dog crate sit in front of the door most of the time, because we don’t have a better place for it right now.

Again we are planning to paint, eventually put down hardwood floors and I would love to get a new door and screen door so we can see our beautiful front yard and let the sun and breeze in!

The Laundry/Boot Room

laundry room, boot room, mud room tour of farmhouse before renovations

This room is multi purpose and a bit tricky. Since we use this door 99.9% of the time, it is where boots and shoes get taken off and put on. Also, because life involves laundry, there is almost always one or two laundry baskets sitting in here waiting to be washed. It tends to make this space crowed. I’d love to figure out a good solution to that problem… someday…

For now, we plan to paint and hang some coat hooks and someday new floors. Maybe tile?

new washer and drying in farmhouse tour before renovations

Above is a picture of us trying to fit our new washer and dryer in. It was a really really tight fit but we got them in!

The Hall

hallway in ranch farmhouse tour before renovations

Here’s the hall way leading to all the bedrooms. Paint and new flooring are hopefully in the near future. Although I love hardwoods, that is much more expensive than carpet so we might be replacing all the carpets in the bedrooms this year depending on budget. If all the rooms looked like the hall, I’d probably leave it alone but since the room are, well lets just say much more exciting, I’m looking forward to replacing them.

The Hall Bathroom

dated bathroom tour of farmhouse before renovations blue

The hall bath is tired and shabby looking. But it will probably stay this way for some time. We might freshen it up by painting the wall and vanity and perhaps doing something with the overbearing upper cabinets, but it definitely needs more than that at some point.

blue tile in farmhouse tour before renovations ticking stripe shower curtain

The Girls Bedroom

tour shared girls room before farmhouse renovations

Although I managed to take most of these pictures showing very little of the dark blue shag carpet, it’s still there. Ben and I are definitely looking forward to replacing the shag carpets.

girls room nursery shared tour the farmhouse before renovations

Although a far cry from how I’d love to decorate the girls room, it still is sweet and works well for them now.

vintage picture in shared girls room nursery before renovations farmhouse tour

The Guest Room

guest room with red shag carpets farmhouse tour before renovations

Once again, take note of the carpets. Red shag in here! My daughter declares this to be her favorite and gets sad when we talk about replacing it. I told her someday she can decorate her house exactly like she wants. But Mama’s not a fan of shag red carpets!

renovations to come in the farmhouse tour before and follow along for the afters

The Master Bedroom

master bedroom in farmhouse tour before renovations

The master bedroom thankfully had the carpet replaced at some point. I don’t know how well I’d sleep with, say, pink or green shag carpet… haha!

Our room is pretty basic and in need of some freshening up like the rest of the house.

vintage mirror in farmhouse tour before renovations more to come follow along for updates

Painting everything, trim, walls, doors and replacing the carpets are on our list for this room.

master bedroom before renovations tour of farmhouse

The Master Bathroom

small master bathroom dated 70's farmhouse tour before renovations

Like the other bathroom, this room needs more than paint. The shower doesn’t drain properly and we can’t fix it without ripping it all out. So we just shower in the other bathroom for now. But we have been super thankful for having a second toilet since moving here since our old house only had one bathroom.

dated bathroom small layout before renovations farmhouse tour
tour the farmhouse before renovations small master bathroom

Farmhouse Tour Before Renovations

I plan to write a post about some recent updates we have done to the farmhouse. Stay tuned for that!

As for future plans, we have lots we want to do outside so inside might not be that transformative this year. We have talked about painting all the bedrooms and replacing the carpet but it might be all we can squeeze out this year.

On the outside however, we have a great many plans for this year. Gardens, fences, fruit trees, animals… and a really big project we are working on too! Stay tuned for an update coming your way soon!

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This House of Dreams Blog tour before renovations to 70's farmhouse
Dated 70's farmhouse tour before renovations. Amazing transformations!

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