Happy First Birthday Lottie!

I can’t believe our daughter is one! Where did the time go? Everyone says don’t blink, it goes so fast… I guess I blinked. Thursday night after I put Lottie to bed, I was so emotional…lots and lots of tears. I just couldn’t stop envisioning my daughter growing up and leaving the nest. Time stop! Please!

As sad as it is that our sweet baby is growing up, I have to say I just love the stage she is in. Every day I look at her and think how much more grown up she is than the day before. She is learning things so fast now. When I compare her now to a year ago, I just amazes me!


She loves playing with her stacking toys and can stack them all by herself. Although the order isn’t correct yet, I think that’s pretty impressive for a just-one-year-old (<– total mama pride here).

Lottie Stacking

She barks like the dog; which sounds more like she is saying “oh,oh,oh.” I can tell she is mimicking Ellie though because she does it when Ellie is barking. It’s adorable!

She and Ellie are becoming such great buddies. Ellie is so good with her. We are in the process of teaching Lottie to be gentle with the pup, but I’ve definitely caught her pulling Ellie’s whiskers, climbing on top of her, pulling her tail, putting her fingers in her mouth, ears, eyes, etc, and Ellie doesn’t even bat an eye. I think she actually likes it. She seems happy when the baby comes over to her; her only requirement for friendship is being able to give Lottie lots and lots of doggy kisses. I worried a lot that Ellie would be too rough as she does tend to get excitable, but thanks to lots of prayers from this mama, she shaping up to be the prefect pal for our daughter.

Lottie’s really into pointing right now. She points at everything as if to ask “what’s that?” I love it! She always points at her bookshelf in her room, when I get her up from her nap, when I change her diaper, when we sit together in the rocker… She’s obsessed with reading. I let her point to the book she wants to read. The right is a picture of her pointing, but it looks like she is saying, “I’m One!!!”

Lottie's First Birthday

She eats any and everything I give to her. There were a few moments I was worried at the beginning where she wouldn’t eat anything other than sweet potatoes. I had heard somewhere not to think your baby doesn’t like food until they’ve tried it at least 7-10 times. It just takes time for them to adjust to new flavors and textures. So far that’s proven true for us.

We are on the verge of having a walker on our hand too. She did take a few unassisted steps Tuesday and was very slow and methodical about the whole thing. She waited until Friday to try it again and then Saturday she started taking several step without any encouragement and coercion from her adoring family and friends. She’s so close to being a full fledged walker. I’m guessing 2 weeks tops before she ventures out on her own more consistently.

Despite the lack of walking, she can take the stairs like a champ, and man, is she fast when she does. Sometimes I’ll turn around and she’s half way up the stairs… How can little ones move so quickly? I’m constantly reminding myself to put the baby gate back up.

Lottie also gets sad when Ben leaves for work. The other day she was by the front door calling out to him after he left. It’s so adorable how much she loves him!

We had a lovely birthday celebration for her Saturday with family and friends, but more on that later. Happy 1st Birthday to my dear sweet baby! Daddy and I love you sooooo much!

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