Loft Update

As usual, projects don’t usually go as planned or get finished on time. As much as I hoped the “little” loft project would be different, it isn’t.

After talking with my mom and dad we decided to finish out the room with a faux shiplap. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of shiplap, I thought it would look sweet in this little room. My dad thought it would be easier to work with too because of all the weird angles. In the end my dad wasn’t sure whether it was actually easier or not but it does look pretty cute.

Faux shiplap with plywood. Attic play room.

My dad created the faux shiplap by cutting half inch plywood into six inch strips. This saved us quite a bit of money and it still looks really nice.

He built these little doors so we could still use the eaves for storage. You know, got to have a place for our Christmas decorations.

Faux shiplap with plywood. Attic play room. Angled closet doors.

We replaced the window with a much more energy efficient one as well as safer for kids. The original one did have some old charm but it definitely wasn’t going to work if we were going to use the room for little ones to play in.

I still have some feelings of hesitation about small children falling out the window. We are trying to think of something creative so that we can have the window open but still safe.

Faux shiplap with plywood. Attic play room. Casement window. Oil rubbed bronze rustic farmhouse light.

We finished painting it this weekend and it looks adorable. I still have to take pictures of it though. We are also going to replace the carpet hopefully in the next week or so. The one that is in there now is pretty nasty.  I also plan on making a curtain for the door and maybe the window. I’m pretty excited to decorate this little space!

Faux shiplap with plywood. Attic play room. Oil rubbed bronze rustic farmhouse light. Rustic plywood trim.

Hopefully it will be a fun little play/reading nook we can hang out in soon!






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