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Sew Glad It’s Colorful!

The nursery is almost complete and it’s a good thing seeing as how my due date it only a few days away. While browsing for color ideas way back in the spring, I came across this color scheme from Design-Seed and I fell in love. I really wanted the nursery to have fun colors and not just end up pink. These colors just made me happy and I loved that the pink wasn’t the traditional baby pink but had more coral tones. The only thing I’m really doing different is I am using more gold as opposed to the yellow.

Design-Seed Single Bloom

We really wanted the walls to be something gender neutral so we didn’t have to repaint for future babes. After a lot of wandering all over the color wheel, we decide to keep it simple and paint it the same color as the office, Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, which happens to be close to the color gray/white tone on the color scheme above. Since we had some leftover paint, we tried some on the wall before pulling the trigger on the color. It was amazing to us how different the color looks up there compared to the office. It feels much darker. However, I do love it!

I looked high and low for bedding for the crib. Most of the bedding I found that I liked was just waaay too expensive and it was never the colors I really wanted. I probably changed my mind a million time before I started thinking about sewing my own bedding for the baby. I’m so glad I did! It ended up being fairly easy and it turned out so cute! I did have trouble finding fabric I liked. I just had a very specific idea in mind  and I’m so indecisive sometimes. But after going out with my mom and finding some adorable polka-dotted fabric for the crib skirt, I felt very settled that I had finally found something I would love. Then I was able to get some cute coral fabric to coordinate with the crib skirt.

Crib Bedding

Here’s a close up photo as well. It’s hard to see the pattern on the crib sheet in the first picture. The colors are more accurate in this photo as well.

Crib Bedding

I used a combination of different blogs and youtube videos to help me make the crib sheet and skirt. Here’s the video I found most useful for the crib sheet and here’s the blog I used for the crib skirt. I’ve decided to skip making a bumper for now because, from what I’ve heard from friends with babies, it ends up being more of a nuisance than useful.

I also made a changing pad cover using a combination of this blog and this blog. This was actually the most difficult out of the three I made. But in the end it turned out great! I love that it is so soft.

Changing Pad Cover

That’s the dresser Ben and I redid as well. More on that later. Oh and yes, we still need to get handles. The old ones are just a little too gaudy for our taste. My hope is to make 2 more crib sheets and 2 more changing pad covers this week so I have a rotation of clean ones while I wash the dirty.

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