Shared Bedroom Design for Little Girls

In this post, I’m sharing all my design ideas for our girls new shared bedroom.

Anyone else feel like they aren’t a natural when it comes to decorating their homes? I’ve come to realize over the years of owning a home, that I’m not a natural designer. It takes me way too long to make “big” decisions. I agonize over every potential dollar spent. Maybe I’m just indecisive?

Creating a design that I like for our girl’s new room has been exactly the same… Maybe over time I will get better and faster. That’s a least what I keep telling myself.

mood board for shared bedroom design for little girls

I had a few ideas to start with but putting them all together is where I get stuck. I created this mood board to help me focus my design ideas and hopefully make some much needed decisions so we can finish this project.

Colors for Shared Bedroom Design for Little Girls

For the most part, I wanted to keep the girl’s bedroom neutral. It adds lot a flexibility for changing things in the future. Little girls aren’t little girls forever… And since little girls change their likes and dislikes rather quickly, I decided we’d focus most of our decorating on a few accessories that they like and can be changed out more easily.

The Wall Color

With all the logical reasons for keeping their room mostly neutral, there is a part of me that desperately wants to try wallpaper. I’ve secretly had the desire to live in a stone cottage in the english countryside for years. Nothing says english cottage to me like a pretty wallpaper. But not only is it expensive and not easy to change, Ben said an emphatic “NO!” I guess he still has images of 80’s wallpaper from his childhood in his mind. I’m still holding out a little hope that he might change his mind and I think he is hoping I’ll forget about it and decide paint is way more practical!

I mean, aren’t these wall papered bedrooms the sweetest?

Bedroom inspiration for shared girls room
Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/7670261850987919/
design inspiration for shared girls bedroom
Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwAU4mqHzKt/

After having my wallpaper idea shot down, I decided to paint the walls a neutral tan/gray shade. After a little searching, I found the color Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. The room pictured below, from athoughtfulplaceblog.com, has Pale Oak on the walls. It’s light and bright and will allow for any re-decorating that might go on as the girls grow.

Other Colors

The other colors I plan to use in the room are dark brown wood tones, antique brass, dusty rose and creamy white.

Furniture for Shared Bedroom Design for Little Girls

The Beds

The beginning of my ideas for the girls room started when I fell in love with the Jenny Lind style bed. Although there are a few places that sell new furniture in that style, they were quite expensive, around $600! I also kind of loved the idea of having antique bed frames. There’s so much charm that comes from old stuff and often the quality is unmatched with todays quick and cheap manufacturing model.

Asking for two twin antique bed frames of the same style seemed like a tall order. Although I was open to considering other antique bed frames that I could find a pair of, my heart was really hoping for the Jenny Lind style.

After looking for over a year on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, I finally found two matching ones! Needless to say, I was very excited. And messaged the lady selling them several times, because I was so worried she’d sell them to some other less appreciative soul. Thankfully, all went smoothly with our Facebook Marketplace exchange! The best part was they were located only about 20 minutes from my house. The other best part was they were only $60 for the pair.

jenny lind beds for shared bedroom for little girls

(Also, a funny story went a long with getting these bed frames: I went to pick them up and found out that the house I was picking them up at, was the house my good friend was about to purchase with her husband in a few days. Talk about a small world!)

bedroom design jenny lind style beds for shared girls room

The bed frames need a little touching up as the stain is a bit worn in some areas. Apparently these beds suffered through hurricane Sandy down at the shore. Which is why they are in rough shape. My mom has been able to fix a lot of furniture by touching up the wood rather than stripping and staining over again. As of right now, I have no intention of painting them. I’m determined to keep the old charm and I feel painting them would take that away. Plus, I’m really liking the warmth that wood brings to a neutral room.

The Dressers

I plan to add a tall upright dresser to the closet but am still on the lookout for a small dresser to put between the beds. I’d love to find something similar to this one from Pottery Barn. I like the simple design, although I’m not sure I want to do white. I’m keeping my eyes open for a dresser on Facebook Marketplace that fits the size and style requirements I have. The hunt continues…

possible dresser for shared girls bedroom design ideas

Textures for Shared Bedroom Design for Little Girls


We already have one pink duvet and sham that Lottie’s has had on her bed for three years now. I’ve been trying to decide if I should purchase another matching one or go in a different direction. To be honest, having a duvet on a kids bed isn’t my favorite. If for some reason all the sheets and covers need to be washed (potty accident or vomit…), it becomes quite the process and so many different loads of laundry.

Right now, I’m leaning toward purchasing matching quilts for the girls beds but sticking with the pale rose color. This one from Pottery Barn is a front runner right now.

pink quilt for shared girls bedroom design

Window Treatments

I’ve been tossing around ideas for all the window treatments in this house for quite awhile. But because they can be so pricey and I want to really love them, I’ve been dragging my feet for a long time. Right now, I’m leaning toward roman shades in all the rooms. I kind of like the relax look of these for the bedrooms, but this is one area I’m still very much undecided on.

linen relaxed roman shades for little girls shared bedroom design
Image Source: https://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod2511223

I plan to add curtains to the closet instead of using the sliding doors. I find them very inconvenient and not practical. I’d rather be able to see the whole closet at once than only half at a time. I’m planning to use lacy curtains because they seem so cute and girly. Plus, I think it adds to the cottage charm I’m hoping to create.

lace curtain with roses for little girls room
Image source: https://www.vermontcountrystore.com/garden-rose-lace-rod-pocket-curtain-panels-and-tiers/product/78348

Accessories for Shared Bedroom Design for Little Girls


In the past year or so I’ve become particularly fond of the hobnail milk glass look from the 50’s. I saw a couple of small lamps here and there and decided I “needed” one for the girl’s room. After looking for awhile, as goes with most of my second hand purchases, I found these cuties on Facebook Marketplace. I will need to rewire them and purchase new shades for them, but one of these will definitely have a home in the girls room.

hobnail milk glass vintage lamps need rewiring

Looking for a ceiling light had me stumped for a long time. I’m a huge fan of pretty lights but this house just doesn’t have the ceiling height to accommodate a pretty chandelier.

After hunting, I found the light pictured below. It’s a simple design but I love the antique gold on it. I might decide a ceiling fan in more practical in the long run but I’m kind of in love with this.


There have been lots of requests from the girls for rainbows and unicorns in their room. That wasn’t exactly what I was thinking when I wanted to keep the room neutral and peaceful. Unicorns and rainbows initially make me think neon colors and lots of sparkles.

I want both the girls to like their room and feel like they did have a say in somethings so I have been looking for ways to add in some of their requests but in a beautiful way.

I came across these lovely crocheted rainbow pillows in my search but the price tag on them is too much for my pocketbook. Although I’m a beginner when it come to crocheting, I think I’ll attempt making them each a pillow myself and for a lot less money.

Putting It All Together

There will be lots of little additions and changes to my plans along the way I’m sure, especially as I start to see it come together. I hope to add lots of different textures with a rug and blankets. I’m on the look out for some vintage style art for the walls.

Seeing this room completely finished will be so nice! Living in a house that needs updating can be a drag sometimes but once a room gets updated and decorated it’s worth the wait!

Other Looks I Love

Here is the link to my Pinterest account where I’ve been compiling all my inspiration.

inspiration pinterest board for little girls shared bedroom design ideas

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mood board for little girls shared bedroom

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