Amazing Garden Shed Ideas

Turn a basic shed into an amazing garden haven with these beautiful ideas below. Here’s how to create a garden oasis for potting plants and storing all your gardening essentials.

Often times when we think of a shed, a basic boring picture comes to mind. Well, shed don’t have a be just functional, they can also be beautiful.

Building a Beautiful Shed

We are in the process of looking to add a functional and yet beautiful potting and storage shed to our large garden. Naturally, I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve found so many adorable sheds that I just had to put together this post to share them with you all.

Hopefully you will be inspired by all the ways you can create a beautiful garden haven from a basic shed structure just like I was.

I tried to find all the original sources (with links, if possible) to these photos below. There are a few I couldn’t find. If you know where they come from be sure to let me know so I can give credit to the original creator. Thanks!

1. The Whimsical Cottage Shed

This cute a-frame shed stole my heart. It is whimsical and full of charm. Originally featured in Country Garden’s early spring issue in 2012. The natural cedar shingle siding and green accents tie in beautiful to the shed’s natural surroundings. This shed looks more like a tiny little fairytale house than a shed.

Amazing a-frame garden shed with a metal green roof, cedar shingle siding, and a green door, surrounded by vines and flowers.

2. The A-frame Salvage Shed

This garden shed that was styled after the one above and the inside is as charming as the outside.

For more photos and the building process check out this link. Mary used lots of salvage pieces to build this cute shed. Not only does using salvage pieces defray the cost of building a shed, it also adds old world charm. I love the tall peaked roof and those stained glass leaded windows are just amazing. Also, all the collected vintage garden pieces she used to decorate the inside are darling.

The interior of an a-frame garden shed with leaded stained glass windows a chippy paint door. Pots and other garden essentials and nicknacks are places about the room.
Home Is Where My Boat Is

3. The Dreamy European Style Shed

I’ve followed Seeking Lavender Lane on instagram for a while now and recently she started working on a garden shed. I fell in love with all the European charm she added in. The dark moody green is a nice contrast to the bright outdoors. The long potting table with the built in sink is not only practical but also beautifully done. The collection of terracotta pots on the shelves are such a nice gardeny addition too. She has more plans for her shed in the coming year so be sure to follow her here and here.

A dark green interior of a large garden shed. Pots line the shelves on the wall. A ticking striped skirt covers the front of the potting table.
Seeking Lavender Lane

4. The Norwegian Orangery Shed

Vibeke created this cozy orangery in her backyard and it is the perfect little escape. The glass windows give it more of a greenhouse effect and the large glass double green doors are so inviting. The charming ivy growing up the side of the shed is lovely too. Also, you should see how she decorates it for Christmas. Check out her blog and instagram for more inspiring pictures.

A orangery with green wood door and large paned glass windows. Vines grow up the side and aesthetically placed flower pots and garden decor surround the open doors.
Vibeke Design

5. The Tall and Skinny Shed

This skinny yet tall shed with its cedar shingle roof, mustard siding and red door are so inviting. It looks like it belongs in another era. The steep roof gives is a fairytale appearance. Who doesn’t want to walk through that door and see what’s inside this cute little shed.

I was unable to find a source for this photo. If you happen to know where it was originally published, drop a comment below.

A tall and skinny garden shed with a red door and mustard siding place in the corner of a lovely manicured garden.

6. The Country Cottage Shed

Here’s another cute historic looking shed tucked into the middle of a productive garden. From the vines growing up the side of the door to the yellow sunflowers peeking out the windows, this little shed is so inviting. This also looks like it could be a little house. The cute window boxes with greenery spilling out the top and the wreath on the front door are such charming touches.

We aren’t talking about gates but the old rusty gate only add to this garden’s charm. I love everything about this little outdoor space.

I was unable to find a source for this photo. If you happen to know where it was originally published, drop a comment below.

A primitive dusty blue shed with a with a cedar shingle roof in the center of a beautiful garden.

7. The Classic and Elegant Shed

This iconic shed was designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines. It is classic and elegant. The reclaimed doors are definitely the stunning feature of this shed. The creamy white with the natural wood elements allow the green of the garden to really pop around it.

Although this shed is definitely custom built, it does offer lots of inspiration for how to add charm to a simple backyard garden shed.

This sweet garden space looks like the perfect spot to host a small garden party.

A custom garden shed built by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

8. The Rustic Ornate Shed

The inside of this shed is so darling. From the wood stove in the corner to the ornate chandelier, this space is so inviting. The contrast of the wood floors and ceiling with the chippy white furniture creates a nice contrast. Who wouldn’t want to curl up next to that wood burning stove on a chilly winter day and dream of warmer weather and gardening.

The interior of a garden shed with a iron chandelier and wood stove.
Home and Garden Photos

9. The Red Shed

This is another shed that looks like a little house. From top to bottom this shed is so cute. The rustic old windows but with a touch of elegance at the top, the barn style door, the iron railings along with the slightly chipping paint make this shed feel like its been around for a long time.

An a-frame red garden shed with a barn door and tall thin windows.

10. The Tidy and Practical Shed

Although this shed is more simple on the interior, it offers so much practical storage and accessible work space. Keeping a shed tidy is easy when you have a place to hang tools on the wall. Everything is neat and organized and easy to find.

The inside of a garden shed with shelves containing pots and potting supplies and hook holding hand tools and other garden tools

11. The Tiny Hut Shed

I’m not entirely sure if this little building is a shed but it very well could be. What this lacks in size it makes up for in quant charm. Covered in green crawling vines makes the shed really feel apart of this beautiful garden. A couple of notable features are the super thick cedar shingles and pergola over the door and the entryway lined with stacked stone raised beds. All these features add to the sweetness of this little shed.

I was unable to find a source for this photo. If you happen to know where it was originally published, drop a comment below.

A tiny inspiring garden shed tucked in the corner of the garden covered in ivy.

12. The Big Window Shed

This space definitely looks to be apart of a house rather than a free standing shed, but there were too many ideas in here for me to leave it off the list just because it wasn’t a true shed. The large paned windows let in so much natural light creating a greenhouse type space. The useful benches and hooks placed around the room decked with plants, baskets, pots and all other manor of garden goods definitely makes this space inviting and beautiful.

I was unable to find a source for this photo. If you happen to know where it was originally published, drop a comment below.

Inspiring garden shed ideas - large windows, potting benches, hooks for hanging plants and tools.

Future Plans For Our Garden Shed

What was your favorite shed space above? Do you have a shed in your yard that you hope to spruce up?

While we are still in the planning stages, we hope to have a garden shed built in our large garden sometime this year. Not only will it serve as a space to store all the garden essentials and pot plants, it will also be a place to dream, rest and enjoy all the hard work that goes into planning, planting, maintaining and harvesting a large garden.

Not only do I love to work hard out in the garden, I also love to just be in the space. Sometimes I forget to soak it in and I hope having a little space out there will help me to stop and rest and soak up the garden more.

Stay tune for garden shed updates.

Pin Amazing Garden Shed Ideas

Amazing Garden Shed Ideas - Turn a basic shed into an inspiring garden haven with these beautiful ideas below. Here's how to create a garden oasis for potting plants and storing all your garden essentials.

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