Sweet Memories

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We spent ours in Ocean City. We were blessed with beautiful weather and a relaxing weekend with my side of the family. Lottie got some great cousin time with Ari. They are two little peas-in-a-pod together. I love that they have such a special bond. Looking at photos from the weekend bring back such sweet memories! 

Lottie is fearless when it comes to the ocean! She just wanted to be in the water where she could splash and taste the salty water over and over! I adore these photos. Her chubby little arms and legs are just so kissable!!!

What a blessing it is to be her mom! Check out my hair wisps in the picture below. Three months postpartum, I remember thinking, “I escaped the hair loss everyone talks about.” I think it was like the next day I started shedding all my lovely pregnancy locks… And the shedding lasted for about three months… I’d go bald for this little one in a heart beat but if anyone knows the secret to not loosing gobs of hair postpartum, do tell! According to my hair dresser my hair should be back to normal in about two years… Until then, I’ll just continue to try and deal with the unruly hair wisps.

Mommy and LottieLottie’s an early riser and since she was sleeping in our room, she had us up at 6:30 every morning. Not wanting to wake the sleeping house with her loud morning chatter, Ben and I went on early morning walks. There’s something about getting up early and going on a walk that is so refreshing! We even got so see some monarch butterflies one morning.

IMG_2930Labor Day we spent some time on the beach with some good friends of ours. Lottie enjoyed her time with her buddy, Pax so much! And apparently Lottie inspired Paxton to crawl again… Kids are so funny.

Pax&LottieIt’s been quite awhile since we got an updated Bier family picture. Look at Ari being absolutely adorable! Lottie can’t even take her eyes off of her… When I look at this picture, my eyes are drawn to the little things: my dad’s hand on Ari’s foot, the way Ben holds Lottie, Em leaning back on John, the sisterly resemblance between Jess and myself, my arm around Ben, my mom tucked under my dad’s arm… God has blessed me with a wonderful family.

Bier Family Pic

My heart is just too full for any more words… I’m so thankful to have him, her and all the others in my life. I don’t deserve them!

Family Picture

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