An Old New Singer

I’m not usually one to be super interested or excited by antiques. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe some day I’ll get into the antique thing. However, there is one antique I did get pretty excited about awhile ago. I’m a part of some facebook groups that work kind of like craigslist, only better in my opinion. I sold our old kitchen appliances really quickly on there. Anyway, I saw a Singer sewing machine on one of the groups awhile ago and was immediately drawn to it because it was very similar to the one my mom has and she taught me to sew on. I had been wanting a sewing machine like hers for quite awhile and just browsed craigslist every now and then but never found anything.

Sewing Maching

But then I saw this beauty. It turned out that it was barely used and had recently be serviced. The lady I bought it from was super kind too and gave me her phone number just in case it didn’t work right when I got home and had a chance to try it out. So I ended up getting a really nice almost new (even though it is quite old) really good quality sewing machine for $100. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding exactly want you want for a really good price. It took me awhile to actually have time to try it out, but when I did it worked like a charm! I could tell it was super good quality and in really great shape as soon as I started sewing.

The first thing I ended up making was a clothes pin bag for my moms birthday (she had been asking for one for several years). It turned out really cute. I got my inspiration from pinterest. I modified a few different ideas to make my mom her very own unique bag. Thankfully it works as good as it looks.

Clothespin Bag

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