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How To Sew a Simple Clothespin Bag

Learn to sew a simple clothespin bag with this easy how to tutorial. This project is a quick sewing project and beginner friendly.

A simple vintage style clothespin bag with ticking striped blue fabric, crocheted lace at the bottom, and a fabric rose made from floral fabric.

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Creating a Clothespin Bag

Years ago my mom mentioned she would like a clothespin bag for hanging up her laundry. Since I couldn’t find one I thought looked cute, I decided to try and sew one for her.

After I googled vintage clothespin bags, I found a whole range of shapes and styles. I found a simple style I liked and decided to try and recreate it. Contrary to what many people believe, I’m actually not very originally creative. I usually get my ideas from seeing other peoples and then put my own spin on it.

A simple ticking striped clothespin bag laying on a wood table with clothespins scattered around

However, since then, I haven’t been able to find the original image that spurred my creativity again and there is nothing out there quite like it.

I decided to add these cute clothespin bags to my Etsy shop and thought I’d write a tutorial for those of you out there who like DIY’ing like me.

If you’d prefer to buy the bag, it is for sale here.

List of Materials:

  • at least 13″ of ticking stripped fabric – similar fabric to what I used
  • floral print fabric (scrap pieces work great) – fabric I used
  • coordinating thread
  • pins
  • sharp scissors
  • iron and ironing board
  • sewing machine
  • hot glue gun
  • a straight skirt/pants hanger

How To Sew a Simple Clothespin Bag

Step 1 – Cut List

Pre cut materials for sewing a simple clothes pin bag.

Cut out fabric

  • Front and back of bag (cut 2) – 13″ x 13″ ticking striped fabric
  • Bias Tape 14″ x 2″ (edging for opening)
  • Crocheted lace – (I used 3.5 inch crochet lace from Joann Fabrics. I couldn’t find the exact one I used but here is something similar. It is slightly thinner than the one I used.)
  • Flower – 4″ x 20″+ (the longer the piece the bigger your flower will be in the end)

Step 2 – Making Bias Tape

Take the 14″ x 2″ (floral) fabric piece and iron in each long side 1/2″.

Then fold the piece in half long ways and iron flat. This is now your bias tape.

Three pictures showing the steps to make bias tape. Iron over 1/2" on each side, then in half

Step 3 – Cut and Sew the Slit

Cut a 7″ slit down the front piece of the bag.

A picture showing the front piece of the clothes pin bag with a 7" slit.

Take your front piece with the slit and open the slit up as wide as you can. Place the bias tape around the raw edge of the fabric from one side to the other.

Showing how to line up the bias tape around the edge of the slit.

Sew the bias tape along the raw edge close to the edge of the fabric. Make sure the back of the bias tape is staying in place. Take special care around the middle where you opened up the slit as that can be the tricky part.

Up close photos showing how to sew the bias tape to the slit in the front fabric piece.

Next, fold your fabric in half along the slit right sides together. Draw a line on an angel in the middle of the slit. Sew a stitch back and forth.

Up close photos showing how to sew the small extra piece inside the bag.

Step 4 – Sew the Lace

Lay the front piece, right side up and lace your lace about 2 inches below the bottom of the slit. Pin in place and sew across the top of the lace.

A picture of the front of the simple clothespin bag showing how to attach the crocheted lace with pins.
An up close photo showing how to sew the crocheted lace with the sewing machine.

Step 5 – Sew Front and Back Together

Place front and back side together with the right sides of the fabric together. Pin in place.

A photo showing the front and the bag of the clothespin bag begin placed together.
The clothespin bag with pins all around the edge.

Sew around the entire edge with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Then turn the clothespin bag right sides out.

Step 6 – Make and Attach the Flower

To make the flower, begin by folding your long scrap fabric into thirds long ways, and then into a point at one end. Glue piece down.

Four step pictures for how to start making the fabric flower.

Roll a small section of fabric loosely twisting as you go and glue every turn or so.

Keep twisting and gluing until you reach the end of the fabric. Then tuck the end under and glue in place.

Next, place a generous amount of glue on the back of the flower and glue to the bag.

Four step pictures showing how to twist the fabric flower into a rose.

Step 7 – Add Hanger and Clothespins

Lastly, take a 12″ or slightly smaller skirt/pants hanger and tuck it inside of the the bag with the hook out the top of the slit.

I used a wooden hanger and removed the metal bar with the clips. It works perfectly. Previously, I used just a normal plastic hanger. That also works great just maybe a little less stylish.

The finished vintage style clothespin bag with a wooden hanger inside ready to use.

Here’s the picture of my original clothespin bag that I made for my mom.

A photo of the original clothespin bag with blue bias tape and flower and crocheted lace at the bottom.

Enjoy Your New Vintage Style Clothespin Bag

This cute clothespin bag will serve your for years to come if you don’t leave it out in the elements.

A photo of the vintage clothespin bag  and sheets hanging on the line.

I keep mine in my laundry room and take it out only when I’m hanging up clothes to dry.

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Pin How to Sew a Simple Clothespin Bag

Learn to sew a simple clothespin bag with this easy how to tutorial. This project is a quick sewing project and beginner friendly.

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