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Pregnancy Reveal

We are beyond excited to be having a little girl! I’m quite excited to start planning the nursery and shopping for cute little girly clothes.

Since we were getting together with the family anyway for dinner on Sunday, we decided to do a small family party to reveal the gender of our little babe. Jess (my amazing crafty sister) made most of the decorations for our little party on her spring break. I came up with a Guess Whoo Owl theme on one of my many car rides a few weeks ago and thought it would be cute. I asked Jess if she wanted to help me with the decorations and she just went to town on her own and made all the decorations except our little reveal present. In case you can’t read it, the little banner above the window says Hoot and Guess Whoo. Super cute right?

Pregnancy Reveal

Gender Reveal

I’m extremely thankful Jess made the decorations, as I didn’t really have any time this week to work on it. The decorations definitely turned out better than they would have if I had just done them on my own. My favorite by far are these adorable little owls that Jess hand painted. I just love them  and I am definitely going to have to preserve them in a baby scrap book.


In the question mark box we wrapped a cute little dress that my mom opened after dinner. Since Ben’s family is down in Tennessee, we Skyped with them on Saturday and had them cast their votes before we told them. It would have been really nice if they could have been here, but Skype was the next best thing. As you can see, the vote was heavily favoring the boy’s side!

Gender Reveal

Let’s just say for the most part everyone was surprised!

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

It was a lot of fun to spend time with the family tonight and enjoy sharing our news! We are so grateful for a healthy pregnancy so far and really enjoying knowing the gender of our baby so we can stop calling it an it. Seeing our baby and knowing that it’s a girl has definitely made it more real and exciting. I can’t believe I’m twenty weeks pregnant! I know the rest is going to just fly by.

20 Weeks Pregnant Gender Reveal

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  1. Laura…Congratulations! A little girl for you to love and hold forever. What a great revealing party. I knew your mom and dad were coming over….I was so excited to see here that you are having a girl! 🙂

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