A Cozy Little Loft

Our attic loft room is finished! Well, almost. I still want to add a curtain to the window and door and make a cover for the big floor pillow. Shh… don’t tell anyone but there’s only a blanket covering it right now. But I’m calling it finished because it makes me feel happy!

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

The majority of the renovations have been done for quite awhile now. Finishing out the room in faux shiplap gives the room a cozy old world feel. It kind of feels like it’s always been like that. As much as I liked the texture of the uneven wood floors that were there originally, if this space was going to be a cozy play nook, I knew that having wood floors with giant gaps in them wouldn’t work really well for small children. The new carpet is super soft and comfy to sit on and I don’t have to worry about splinters or small toys being lost through the cracks. Carpeting this room was a good choice for our family.

I was struggling to find some decorations to complete the space. This is usually where I end up fizzling out on a project. I’ve really struggled to find the finishing touches. That’s why I look around my house and feel like there are so many incomplete projects. I finally realized that I needed to see what I want in a space to discover what I like. I’m so visual in that way and not good seeing it in my head. So I made quite a few trips to Home Goods making purchases and returns. One thing this taught me was it’s ok to buy something and like it in the store but get home and change my mind. I just need to be better about keeping track of my receipts so that when I go to return something I don’t have a panic attack wondering where in the world was that terrific spot I put my receipt.

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

After all that purchasing and returning, I finally just stole the pillows from our downstairs sofa and put them in the loft along with one new pillow I purchased. I have been wanting to replace our sofa pillows with something different for awhile now. I still really liked the pillows but just wanted to find a new place for them. This worked out perfect!

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

Our sofa may currently be bare but this little room is cute as can be! I got some new baskets along with an old one I had lying around to house books, toys, blankets, etc. It’s super easy to keep it tidy that way.

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

This room is the prefect spot for Lottie’s dollhouse and I’ll often find her tucked away in here playing or reading.

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

Half of me loves the room the way it is and the other half wants to make the room into a bedroom/guestroom. I measured the room and a full mattress would fit perfect in there. Who knows, maybe if we have visitors we will drag the mattress up from downstairs and let our guests sleep in this perfect little space.

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

I saw some banner signs around on pinterest and instagram and thought they were sweet. A few of the ones I was looking at were $40!!! I thought to myself, “I could totally make that…” So I did! It was the perfect nap time project. I did it in about 45 minutes. And the best part was all the supplies cost me less than $10 and I didn’t use them all. I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve of what to do with the rest of those supplies so stay tuned.

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room, DIY Hand Painted Canvas Banner

I love that the sign looks handmade too. I think it adds to the charm.

This little space has been so much fun. I’ve always wanted a window seat and this room kind of functions as that for me. I love walking up the steps and seeing the light that comes in there in the morning. It just makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket and book.

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

It wasn’t too long ago that it look like this. And this is of course after we took out the 4 or 5 air conditioners, Christmas decorations, boxes of things to go through, luggage, and whatever other odds and ends we had crammed in this little room.

Before picture of cozy attic loft makeover.

Where did all that stuff go you may ask? Well, remember how we are trying to live with less. This was an exercise of deciding what we actually needed and what could move on. The Christmas decorations and luggage we fit into these little closets under the eaves. Aren’t these little angled doors the cutest?

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

The rest of the things were either trashed, donated or found there way to the basement (of which we are also currently organizing).

This House of Dreams: Attic Loft Room Makeover

It’s so fun to find hidden spaces in your home! Making this space usable has me wondering where else can I reclaim/repurpose space in our house. Front porch you are next on my list!

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Before and after photos of shiplap attic loft room

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  1. So cute! We have a tiny little attic and I’ve had a bunch of people tell me it isn’t worth remodeling but I think something like this is so fun! How high is the center of your ceiling in the attic?

    1. Thanks Danielle! The center of the ceiling is around five foot. Pretty short! This little room was so much fun. I don’t know if it was worth it monetarily but it was worth it to us personally. We moved to another home about a year and a half ago but my daughter still talks about this little room and how much she misses it.

  2. Lovely work! I have almost the exact same room that needs the same treatment.
    Care to share how much such a project costs?

    1. Thanks! I don’t remember the exact cost of everything but I’m just going to guess somewhere around 2k. With lumber, paint, carpet, new window and paying the contractor (my dad). Hope this helps!

  3. I absolutely love this room. This is exactly what I have been wanting to do and is my fall project this year. It looks wonderful

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